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Get into your 100% zone in the final 100 days of 2018.

Bring 100% to your goals.

Be "all in" for you.

100 Days ~ 100%
Get Clear ~ Build Momentum

We're in the final 100 days of 2018. What's your "Yes"? Where will you give your 100%?

Start by getting clear on a goal. Then, build momentum to accomplish it.

Get tips for clarifying your foundation goal, assessing current progress, and identifying the resources you need to accomplish your goal.

This video helps you answer the question, "Who do I need to be to accomplish this goal?

Answer: 100% You

100 Days ~ 100%

Put Your Body Into It


You have your, “Yes”. You’re ready to give 100% to your goal. How does your body need to feel?

Get 4 tips for making sure your closet partner is prepared to support you.

100 Days ~ 100%

Get Your Mind Right

You have your, “Yes”. You’re ready to give 100% to your goal over the next few months. How will you keep your head in the game?

Get tips for using two types of mental processes:
1. Cognitive skills such as problem-solving, planning, decision-making, etc.
2. Beliefs - Identify supporting beliefs and modify the ones that get you stuck on repeat and unable to move forward.

Stay present. Build focus. Believe in you.

You've got a goal. You've got some things that you need to do to make happen. It will take energy, focus, passion, presence, commitment, work, drive, love.

Are you ready to feel the way you want to feel getting it all done?

Tips for using challenging emotions to problem solve & shift back into your 100% zone.

Tips for falling in love with your goal & keeping your passion alive.

100 days 100 percent Stay Centered in Your Power


Within each of us is an invisible power that guides us toward our best expression of ourselves. It's your purpose, your special super power. It makes everything in your life work together.

Learn how connecting your goal to your purpose energizes you forward. Overcome overwhelm and stay focused.

Create a simple purpose statement that helps you connect the dots of your life to who you are. Stay centered in your power.