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  • Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis

Life in 4-Part Harmony


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a researcher who studies Flow. Yeah, I know his name may not easily flow from the lips and tongues of us monolinguals. But his work is all about Flow as the secret to happiness. It's fabulous work! In a TED talk, he describes an interview with Masaru Ibuku, co-founder of Sony, who began the now mega-business, with an idea and a purpose, no products. That idea was to create a workplace where engineers could feel the joy of creating innovative technologies. The goal was to stay aware of their mission to society while working to their heart’s content. Csikzentmihalyi has explored flow in the life and work of nuns, monks, mountain climbers, business leaders and the list goes on. His research offers insight into what it takes to create flow in our everyday lives. It also confirms something that you very likely know. When you get into your flow, you are amazing. You shine like the star that you are. You are fulfilled and you share your good with others. You are in Harmony!

So often we get into what my friend Regina used to call doing the bump and grind at work. She wasn't talking about the same thing mentioned in a song by that name. She was referring to that other bump and grind which goes something like this...EVERY. DAY. Get up. Make breakfast. Go to work. Smile and nod. Work hard. Work out. Write email. Read email. Swallow lunch in three bites or less. Feel stressed out. Ask, "what did I accomplish?" Pick up the kids. Wash clothes. Make dinner. Feel frustrated. Run 3 miles. Kickbox. Stretch a little. Wonder if this is all life has to offer. Make a little love. Oh no! Too tired for that! Go to sleep. Then, get up and do it all again. Well, Whew! Our pace sometimes leaves us feeling exactly like a robot on rollerskates. We're moving so fast that we’re not moving at all. We might even feel lifeless, drained. We've lost all our rythym and flow - the way we feel when we hear good music or eat one of our favorite foods. You know that feeling. It's like you want to sway and say "ummm ummm, that's good."

Thankfully, there is an unlimited amount of wisdom that can help us get and sustain this feeling. Life In 4-Part Harmony uses four principles of the ancient philosophy, Maat, to help you get your flow and keep it going. To find your rhythm and stay in tune. No matter what happens around us or what life demands of us, we have an infinite power source. Yes, it's the power to make things happen. And it is the power to use stillness, to know when to slow down, to manage and renew our resources. The simple formula for tuning in to the power source is: TRUTH + ORDER + BALANCE + RECIPROCITY = HARMONY

  • Truth is our connection to our divine purpose. It fills us with passion, joy & meaning at home, work and at play.

  • Order brings out the skilled tracker in us. The part of us that can build a mission to fulfill our purpose and map out a strategy to make is happen. At a spiritual level, it provides the foundation for the law of attraction.

  • Balance reminds us to cultivate, build and use our resources wisely. It’s here that we learn how to use our push and our pull with equal force to create rhythm and stability.

  • Reciprocity heightens awareness of our interconnectedness and interdependence with others. It inspires both gratitude and sharing.

  • Harmony is the BIG BANG. It’s your favorite song on repeat while you dance incessantly. It’s the taste your favorite cheesecake without the extra pounds. Practicing Truth, Order, Balance and Reciprocity sustains Harmony.

Check out these affirmations for each principle. Then add one or two of your own.

  • Truth ~ I am a divine being bringing good into the world.

  • Order ~ I plan before acting.

  • Balance ~ I practice balance in my actions, thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

  • Reciprocity ~ I share the good within me. I receive the good around me.

  • Harmony ~ I'm in rhythm as I dance to the beat of my heart. The Universe is my stage.

© Sandra Y. Lewis | All Rights Reserved

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