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Transform Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Anxiety into
Energy & Purpose-Driven Success

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Are you feeling exhausted? Dealing with brain fog and emotional overload? Go from exhausted to energized with 6 simple strategies. Reclaim your well-being & increase your personal power.

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Here’s What Love Has To Do With It

I have an aunt who makes special calls to me on my birthday and every holiday. I don’t mean just the big family holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. She calls on Memorial Day, Labor Day and even Independence Day. We talk for a while. We catch up and share our plans. And she ends every call the same way, “Love you”.

And every time, without fail, I feel nothing but good and love. It’s the sincerity in her voice that touches my heart. She speaks right from her heart to mine.

Over this last few weeks sharing love has been a recurring theme. I’ve heard surround yourself with people who love you. Make sure you have people who say “I love you” in your life.

This advice seems simple enough but I know I’ve been through times when I’ve felt alone or scared or overwhelmed. During these times when loved seemed very far away, I was more than thankful that I could connect with people who reminded me that love is always available. Love came to my rescue on more than one occasion. I’d definitely put love in the savior category.

So why is love so important to us? What exactly does it do for us? How does it make that magic right in the middle of a big, emotional, lonely mess? Here’s one of my favorite bits of wisdom on love. It comes from hieroglyphics (sacred writing), originally known as Medu Netcher (word of God).

In this ancient language a garden hoe is the symbol that represents love. I know. I know. What the heck does a garden hoe have to do with love? Well, that’s the beauty of this ancient language. Every symbol was chosen because it helped to explain the concept it represented.

Think. Think for a minute. We use a hoe to till the soil, aerate it and open it up for seeds to take root and grow. The hoe opens the soil to greater possibility. It can go from tight dirt to a home for a tree that gives oxygen, apples, peaches and other good stuff.

Love does that for us. It opens us to greater possibility, helps us bring more of our good stuff forward. It nurtures us to be our best self. It stirs things up so that we can get more out of life. That’s what love has to do with everything.

So remember these few things about love.

TruthLove nurtures you into your best self. You deserve to be surrounded by and filled with love.

Order Make time to notice the love within & around you daily. It’s always time for love.

BalanceLet love soothe your heart and mind. Focus on love.

ReciprocitySurround yourself with loving relationships. Build a love community. Say, "I love you".

Have a love-filled time. All. The. Time.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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