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How Far Is It Between Now & The Future?

This summer I took some time to read, plan, catch up, redirect and renew. I have some new favorite books, articles and quotes. I spruced up my vision board and my affirmations.

I have my eyes on the prize. There are a few things that I want to show up in my future. Each day, I take a few steps to get closer to them.

Just a few days ago, I read my Taoist teacher’s blog post response this inquiry: how would it work to imagine that we already have what we want in our future? He said imagining that you have what you want could simply be daydreaming. His guidance was that in order to get what we want, we have to change our beliefs about our future.


"Change your beliefs about your future".

Dr. Nan Lu


The words rang like a morning school bell. The message was clear. It’s time to learn. Get into growth mode.

I thought of my vision board and what all the images mean to me. Yes, there are pictures of goals and things I desire in my life, in my future. But I thought about why I want these things, why they’re important and what I believed about the possibility of having them.

The goals represent my deepest desire for a life well-lived and life satisfaction that sets my soul aglow. They represent my values, morals and treasured emotions.

Freedom. Love. Peace of Mind. Security. Wellness. Fulfillment. Compassion. Kindness. Joy. Tranquility. Humanity. Growth.

These are the invisible tangibles that come with accomplishing my goals. These are the everlasting goodies. They’re not visible to the naked eye but the emotional and mental power they ignite can’t be measured. They set my soul aglow.

I asked myself, do you believe your future holds these treasures? I could not reply with a resounding, “Yes. Absolutely”. I realized that I’ve been so focused on doing, taking the steps toward my goals that I forgot the big picture.

I forgot to focus on the joy of it all, even though that’s one of my morning affirmations. I forgot to focus on believing in the meaning of it all, my ultimate rewards. I forgot to believe in a future that holds only good for me.

Things will not sustain me. But fulfillment, peace of mind, security, wellness & all of my invisible tangibles are a desserts buffet. I can eat to my heart’s content without compromising my waistline.

My Taoist teacher, like my mother, recommends we adopt the belief that whatever happens in our future is for our good. Just a couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me a blessing that said God is already in the future working things out for your betterment.

For sure, setting goals and making plans to accomplish them is in order. Yes, working toward our goals and taking action are necessary.

Definitely, get in rhythm and march forward toward the future you want to live. This is an excellent use of our mental and emotional energy.

But as you set your plan in motion, maintain balance. Remember that the goals reflect your values and deepest emotional yearnings. The invisible goodies also deserve your attention.

Like Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you”. Believe that freedom and joy want to be with you as much as you want them.

This week, take a moment and look at one of your goals. Define the why behind this goal? What makes this goal important to you?

There may be a few ups and downs on the way to this goal. Revisions may be in order. So, consider what you believe about your future.

Then join me on The Good Condition Plan. About 20 months ago, I took my mother and my teacher up on their advice. I decided to look for the good in every troublesome situation.

The first benefits I noticed were lower stress and greater optimism. My time from challenge to change is much shorter.

Now, I'm expanding this to include my beliefs about my future. I will look at my future as a place full of good.

When you think about it, the future really isn’t very far at all. It quickly becomes the present, then the past. So let’s go Team Good Condition.

The next moment is the future and it’s full of good stuff. And so is the one after that and the next one and the next one…

If you need support, contact us. The Living Source is here to help you plug in to the power of you.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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