Plug In To The Power Of You

November 24, 2016



Long To-Do Lists get LONGER.


Busy women get BUSIER.



There are gifts to buy & people to please & relationships to navigate & parties to attend & joy to be had all while closing out your books for the end of the year.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed, stressed and drained.



The good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty will all demand your attention.  In some ways, it’s not different than other times of the year. Boss women are accustomed to being all things to all people.


We get so good at it that we sometimes forget to be all things to ourselves. And we know where that road leads.


It’s a well-paved road to exhaustion, all kinds of exhaustion. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.


Many years ago, some scholars, Holmes & Rahe, created a scale to measure the relationship between stress and illness. It’s a checklist of life events. They asked people to indicate how many of the events they’d experienced in the last six months.


After some research Holmes and Rahe gave each event a score. The total score predicts whether someone has a slight, moderate or high risk of becoming ill.


One of the most interesting things about the scale is that both “good” and “bad” events receive a score. So both marriage and divorce are scored. Death of a family member and birth of a family member are scored. Losing a job, starting a new job and even going on vacation are counted among significant life events that are related to our health and well-being.



Guess what else in on the list, “Major holiday”.


Yep, we’ve got about 5 of them in the next 5 weeks.










I’m certain that this holiday season will be full of events. It’s easy to get caught up and miss the joy of this season, miss the opportunity to build for the upcoming year.


How will you stop the drain on your energy? How will you increase the love, peace and joy that you deserve everyday?


How will you create a high risk of giving your best self a chance?


I’ve got a resource for you. I’m really excited to share my new EBook, “Plug In To The Power Of You”. It includes a Personal Energy Leaks Checklist and some Life In 4-Part Harmony tips to help you build and sustain your energy in every flavor. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.


It’s good all year round. Holidays and everyday.


Remember, you are a living source of energy. Use “Plug In To The Power Of You” to get charged up!




© Sandra Y. Lewis

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