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The Living Source - Your Personal Energy Charging Station

Plug In To The Power Of You


The Living Source, founded by Dr. Sandra Lewis, is a place where you can recharge and find resources to be your best you. Life In 4-Part Harmony is a feminine-centered, personal energy management system that can help you ignite the power of your purpose, organize and achieve your goals, manage your personal energy resources, unleash the power of gratitude, and create a unique legacy.

Women often feel that balance is playing hard to get. Every time we get close to balance, it seems to slip away. We are active, care-giving, career-building visionaries on a mission to have impact in the world and create lives that we love. We get up early & we go to bed late. Even though we’ve gotten good at time management, it often feels like the clock is winning. Even when we have time, we’re often not showing up as our best self.

We’re falling asleep at our computer. We’re multitasking, trying to talk on the phone and answer email at the same time. On the extreme end, we’re collapse from exhaustion and begin to doubt our dreams and goals.

Many business mentors, leadership trainers and researchers say the latest energy crisis is a personal energy crisis.  We’re very good at charging our phones. In fact, our phones will tell us they’re going into low power mode. We’re not so good at revitalizing and recharging ourselves throughout our day.

The magical thing is that we have everything we need to build and sustain energy – our mind, our body, and our spirit. We are literally a living source of energy. And we need every kind of energy in every flavor - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Below are two options for personalized programs help you put put Life In 4-Part Harmony into action to your energy. With a few well-placed strategies we can:

  • Increase and sustain our physical vitality

  • Enhance emotional flexibility and balance

  • Align our work with our purpose for the greatest fulfillment

  • Shift our mindset into the confidence zone

  • Ignite our creativity

  • And bring our best self to the people and projects that matter most to us

Life In 4-Part Harmony™

Personal Energy Management Programs

  • Thrive75

    • Free 30 minute phone consultation

    • Review challenges, resources, and options for working together

    • Pre-session preparation

      • Personal Energy Audit

      • Personalized plan and action steps

    • 75 minute strategy session with Dr. Sandra via video

      • Walk away with strategies that address your needs, enhance your vitality, focus, confidence, and fulfillment

      • Take the first step toward creating days that end with you saying, "Mmm, this feels right."

    • Free 30 minute post session follow-up call

  • Life In 4-Part Harmony VIP Strategy Session

    • Free 30 minute phone consultation

      • Review challenges, resources, goals, and options for our strategy session

    • Programs can include focus on personal energy management, productivity, purpose and mission clarity, stress management and wellness, mindset shifting to transform self-doubt into confidence and self-compassion, and/or behavior change to get unstuck and support goal/project achievement.

    • Pre-session preparation

      • Personal Energy Audit

      • Personalized assignments and action steps

    • 4-hour strategy session tailored to individual needs.

    • Walk away with a personalized post-session process to support

      • Maintaining gains achieved during the strategy session

      • Sustaining your daily flow of energy, creativity, and focus

      • Prioritizing your energy to achieve specific goals

      • Centering your daily activities in your purpose and values

    • Follow-up call 2 - 3 weeks following the VIP Strategy Session

Created by: Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis, Certified in Hot Hatha & Kemetic Yoga


Program Aim:

Yoga, a science of self-realization, is employed as a process to support self- development. Through a series of stories and games, children are instructed in techniques such as deep breathing exercises and yoga postures. These yogic techniques enhance physical and mental development including flexibility, increased lung capacity, balance, focus, and self-awareness.  In addition, the program increases children’s knowledge of the African roots of yoga and philosophies that foster inner harmony. Specifically, children learn to use the principles Truth, Order, Balance and Reciprocity as a foundation for inner harmony and compassion for others.


Program Objectives:

  1. Improve motor skills and physical fitness including flexibility, balance, lung capacity and posture.

  2. Promote emotional growth and development by enhancing awareness of sensory and emotional experiences.

  3. Build social skills through working in small groups and pairs activities that require cooperation among children.

  4. Encourage creativity through stories that support yoga practice.

  5. Increase self-awareness through exploration of senses, feelings, thoughts, behavior, and knowledge of strengths and challenges.

  6. Promote self-confidence and self-appreciation through awareness, creativity and recognition of personal growth.