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Life in 4-Part Harmony

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When one of my friends used to talk about grinding at work, she wasn't talking about a challenging experience where you prevail over obstacles and emerge as employee of the month. She was referring to a grind that goes something like this...EVERY. DAY. Get up. Make breakfast. Go to work. Smile and nod. Work hard. Work out. Write email. Read email. Swallow lunch in three bites or less. Feel stressed out. Keep working. Attend to a crisis. Ask, "what did I accomplish?" Pick up the kids. Wash clothes. Make dinner. Feel frustrated. Run 3 miles. Kickbox. Stretch a little. Wonder if this is all life has to offer. Make a little love. Oh no! Too tired for that! Go to sleep. Then, get up and do it all again. Well, Whew! Our pace sometimes leaves us feeling exactly like a robot on rollerskates. We're moving fast but we've lost all our rythym and flow - the way we feel when we hear good music or eat one of our favorite foods. You know that feeling. It's like you want to sway and say "ummm ummm, that's good."


The Living Source is here to help you get your flow and keep it going. Our Life In 4-Part Harmony method is designed to help you find your rhythm and stay in tune. No matter what happens around us or what life demands of us, we are an infinite power source. Yes, it's the power to make things happen. To create. To get what we need.


But equally important as funding our ability to do things, this power gives us the ability to know. To know we have what we need. It's the deep down knowing that helps us stay focused, stay present in any circumstance. In this place of knowing and presence, we access our connection to an infinite power source. We connect with everything we need to be who we came to the world to be, to fulfill our purpose.

Life In 4-Part Harmony is based on Maat, ancient yet timeless wisdom science. The people of Kemet, now called Egypt, identified her as the force of nature that creates and sustains harmony in the universe and in our lives. I think of her as the force that makes sure everything works with everything else.


The first thing we learn from Maat is that it takes energy to keep it all together. She provides us with the laws and guidelines to make that happen.

Maat gives us a powerful formula for creating the highest quality life. Practicing four core principles of Maat helps us bring our best to what matters most and create the life we want to live. EVERY. DAY.


Truth + Order + Balance + Reciprocity = Harmony


Truth connects us to our unique life purpose. We honor our deepest, most authentic self when we speak truth & do truth Truth connects us to our values, integrity and natural wisdom.  

Order reminds us of the importance of synchronicity as well as strategy. There is a time for everything. Everything in time. Order reveals integration and connection among aspects of our lives and ourselves. It guides us to our unique rhythm.

Balance teaches us that complementary forces cultivate stability. Hot & cold are polar forces that can create a warm and cozy place. Balance teaches us to monitor, prioritize and spend our resources wisely. It guides us to flexibility and our ability to shift when we're stuck.

Reciprocity is both the practice of sharing good with others and being grateful. It guides us to connect with others, to create positive interactions, and build a better world together. 

Harmony is the BIG BANG. It's the "uuuummm good" place that we sustain by our daily Maat practice. It's the stage where complexities and simplicities dance to the same rhythm. It's that "Mmm, this feels right" experiece that comes when we align what we do with who we are.

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