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Welcome to our "Growth ~ Open to Possibility" video series recorded live in March 2020. When the month opened, Dr. Sandra was focused on the upcoming change of season and the opportunity for growth as nature moved from one season tho the next.

By mid-month, she shifted into nurturing growth through our rapidly changing lives and uncertainty due to the global pandemic. While we are strengthening our ability to adapt to these rapid changes, it is essential to remember that resilience also includes growing through difficulties.


This series offers tools for moderating anxiety, listening to our feelings, and using our emotional wisdom to ground ourselves and make clear decisions. These skills support our ability to change and grow as we move through difficulties.

Despite the chaos, Spring did arrive in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall made its debut in the Southern Hemisphere.


Flowers and other plants are offering us a magnificent display of their power to expand upward and outward. They are drawing on every natural resource to reach their highest potential.


And the beautiful display of plant life is a heartfelt source of inspiration and comfort for many.

We are navigating a "new normal", reorienting ourselves, reorganizing, and finding space to take care of our needs and our loved ones needs. Like nature, we will need to access our natural resources

This 5-Part series offers some tools for moving through the challenge of rapid change. It helps us navigate our way through chaos toward evolution. Get tips for connecting to certainty and re-centering as you face day-to-day challenge.

Part 1

How Big Is Your Comfort Zone?

Part 2

Change ~ Are You Resisting Its Persistence?

Part 3

From Chaos and Confusion to Calm and Evolution

Part 4

Finding Focus and Flow in Uncertain Times

Part 5

A Soothing Mindful Moment

You've come to the end of the 5-Part series. How are you feeling about navigating change and uncertainty?

  • Do you have a sense that you can access your inner resources?

  • Can you rest easy and recenter as you move through challenge?

  • Do you have support to help you during these uncertain times?

  • Can you redirect your energy to engage your flow as you navigate change?

If you said, "No", to any of these questions, you don't have to struggle. Dr. Sandra is available to support you. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation at this link.

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