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Welcome to our "Faith in Me" video series recorded in February 2020. Time is moving right along.


February is often the month that we start to question our goals, wonder if we can manage it all. It’s often the month that people give up on their new year’s resolutions.

A teacher friend of mine used to have a sign in her classroom that said, “Time is passing, are you?”


The statement reminded students that time would keep passing and leave them behind if they lost their focus. It was her way of teaching them to value time as an opportunity to grow and achieve their academic goals.


In addition to sustaining your focus, February asks you to stay faithful, to stay determined about your goals. It's the month that asks you to transform your doubts and fears into confidence. February asks you to tap into your deep belief in the power of your vision as well as your ability to take the actions needed to make your vision your reality.

This 4-Part series offers some tools to keep you focused, faithful, and in forward motion toward your goals.

Part 1

How toTurn Fear and Doubt into Faith in You

Part 2

Confidence ~ The Rhythm that Keeps You Moving Forward

Part 3

Faith ~ Put Your Body Into It

Part 4

Reset Your Regret

You did it. You finished the 4-Part series. How's your faith?

  • Do you know how to transform your fear into your faith in you?

  • Are you feeling the rhythm of your confidence?

  • Do you have more clarity about what faith feels like and looks like for you?

  • Do you know what steps you will take to keep saying yes to your vision for this year?

  • Will you remember to acknowledge the progress that you make on your goals?

  • Can you see, feel, even taste the freedom, joy, and harmony that you will experience this year?

If you said, "No", to any of these questions, you don't have to struggle. Dr. Sandra is available to support you. Schedule your free consultation at this link. Walk away with one action step to up-level your faith and confidence.

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