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Need a dynamic speaker? Ready to motivate and ignite professional women?

Book Your Personal Energy Strategist


Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis has been speaking and inspiring audiences since childhood. At age 14, she offered her first spiritual message in a small church on Atlanta’s east side. This was the first step on her journey to becoming a speaker who reaches, connects with, and ignites your deepest energy. Dr. Lewis believes in the power of you. She is dedicated to helping women create their most vibrant and satisfying lives. Life In 4-Part Harmony is her unique system for personal development and energy management. It puts you to work for you.


Dr. Lewis has a long list of presentations to a wide range of audiences including educators, women’s groups, spiritual groups, healthcare providers, college students, business professionals, and scholars in various fields. Please review this partial list for presentations and workshops that you can bring to your organization. As your Personal Energy Strategist, she aims to stoke the fires of your genius!

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Life in 4-Part Harmony: Transform Overwhelm into Flow
What's Eating You ~
Food & Stress

Boss. Leader. Supervisor. Manager. Owner. Designer. Chief. C-Suite Executive. Creator. Producer. Director. Founder. Principal.


All of these titles are associated with being in charge. Running things. Taking care of things. Taking care of people. Some say you pay the cost to be the Boss. Unfortunately, many women pay way too much, sacrificing their most precious capital – their mind, body and spirit.

This presentation blends ancient wisdom science with evidence based cognitive and personal energy management strategies. Ancient wisdom and modern science share a common thread:

It takes energy to make things happen.

Truth is, we can get it all done feeling the way we want to feel. In this presentation, participants:

  • Explore 4 key principles for building and sustaining flow, productivity

  • Define 4 key areas of personal energy management

  • Outline strategies for a daily plan that puts thriving into action

  • Explore key aspects of emotional intelligence and burnout management

  • Connect to the power of your driving force, your reason for doing what you do

Many of us turn to our favorite foods when stressed.  This presentation provides a framework for understanding the food-emotion connection. This framework is based upon the Five Element system used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM builds upon the wisdom of natural law to show us the intricate connection between our mind, body and spirit. Food can play an important role in our daily well-being. Our bodies often give us clues about what we need to soothe our minds and emotions. Participants learn


  • Five element framework for understanding well-being

  • Foods that support emotional well-being

  • Lifestyle changes that can reduce stress

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