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Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis ~ Speaker

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Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis, Personal Energy Strategist, connects professionals with resources to recharge their inner power, manage stress effectively, and recover from burnout.


Dr. Sandra combines her expertise as a clinical psychologist with her extensive training in wellness techniques such as mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and Qigong. With this unique blend of wisdom, she designs practical strategies that enhance her clients’ capacity to sustain a purpose-driven career and a life that they love living.


You can find Dr. Sandra on LinkedIn or YouTube talking about Burnout Hiding in Plain Sight. Each episode she explores patterns, habits, practices, and procedures that can increase burnout for individuals and organizations. In these discussions, she offers tips for recharging and shifting into patterns that advance well-being. She is author of the book, Life in 4-Part Harmony ~ Get Everything in Your Life to Work with Everything Else in Your Life.

Burnout Basics ~ How To Recognize It & How To Reduce It
How Burnout Can Happen When Things Seem Okay

​Burnout impacts team member well-being & effectiveness in the workplace and their personal lives. Organizations incur significant financial costs due to disengagement and attrition related to burnout. Learn to recognize burnout, factors that contribute to it, and effective strategies for reducing it along with the personal and organizational costs.

The road to burnout is sometimes paved with days when we're running on empty and over-stressed. Other times, the signs are not so obvious. Learn to recognize burnout and some hidden patterns that increase vulnerability to it. Explore strategies to reduce it and sustain productivity.

Renew Your Resilience

There are times when life asks us for more than we may have ever imagined. It shows in the tension in our bodies, the distraction in our minds, and emotions that feel like a roller coaster ride. During these times, reclaiming our ability to bounce back and thrive is essential. Explore evidence-based strategies for resilience and well-being.

Emotional Intelligence 101:
A Skill for Personal & Career Development

Emotions may not always be easy to manage but they can be a human superpower. Learn to recognize your emotions as resources for managing stress, fostering team member and leadership development, and enhancing creativity and passion for work. Explore how to employ emotions to maximize effectiveness.

Create Your Work-Life Harmony

Professionals lead very full lives with multiple roles. Balancing work, family and other parts of life can seem illusive and unobtainable. Explore practical strategies to ease daily burdens, honor priorities, and create a sustainable work-life harmony plan.

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