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The Living Source

Wellness Services

Women often feel that balance is playing hard to get. Every time we get close to balance, it seems to slip away. We are active, care-giving, career-building visionaries on a mission to have impact in the world and create lives that we love. We get up early & we go to bed late. Even though we’ve gotten good at time management, it often feels like the clock is winning. Even when we have time, we’re often not showing up as our best self.

We’re falling asleep at our computer. We’re multitasking, trying to talk on the phone and answer email at the same time. On the extreme end, we’re collapsing from exhaustion and beginning to doubt our dreams and goals.

Many business mentors, leadership trainers and researchers say the latest energy crisis is a personal energy crisis.  We’re very good at charging our phones. In fact, our phones will tell us they’re going into low power mode. We’re not so good at revitalizing and recharging ourselves throughout our day.

The magical thing is that we have everything we need to build and sustain energy – our mind, our body, and our spirit. We are literally a living source of energy. And we need every kind of energy in every flavor - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

The Living Source, founded by Dr. Sandra Lewis, is a place where you can recharge and find resources to be your best you. Life In 4-Part Harmony™ is a feminine-centered, personal energy management system that can help you protect yourself from burnout, ignite the power of your purpose, organize and achieve your goals, manage your personal energy resources, and create a unique legacy.


Below are some options for group programs that help you put Life In 4-Part Harmony into action to renew and sustain your energy. Bring these programs to your organization, community group, or office team.

Group Wellness Programs

Dragon’s Way Qigong®

​Stressed? Overweight? Overburdened? Stuck? Drained?

If you answered yes to any of these, The Dragon's Way has something to offer you. This approach to modern problems is based upon ancient and timeless wisdom about the body's energy system.


Increase your energy. Reduce stress. Release weight.

Here's what participants say:


  • "I lost 18 pounds and began sleeping through the night."

  • "I lost weight, feel calm, smile a lot, and have lost my hot flashes."

  • "To say I feel great is an understatement."

  • "Through The Dragon’s Way, I experienced the power of my energy, or Qi, and feel that I have a new outlook of how to care for myself. The six weeks is truly only the beginning. I now have a tool for my daily life."

  • "The best part was the lightheartedness I haven’t felt in years."

The class meets for six sessions and includes three simple but powerful strategies to support your well-being:


  • 10 Gentle Wu Ming Qigong Movements

  • Eating for Healing Plan

  • Framework for Lifestyle Changes

This program can be delivered in community-based sites, the workplace or for your group of friends and colleagues. Contact us about bringing Dragon's Way Qigong® to a group of 8 or more in your office or community.

Qigong for

Women’s Health

This program is designed to support women’s bodies. Women move through natural cycles each month and throughout the life course. The physical body has the support of an energy network, commonly referred to as meridians in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Like physics, a core idea in TCM is that energy is the foundation for everything. This program aims to support wellness by building a strong internal structure where life fore energy flows smoothly and organ systems work harmoniously.


Originally created as a breast health program, this series of seven Wu Ming Qigong movements was designed to meet women’s unique physical needs. The gentle yet powerful movements help to activate the flow of the energy along merdian pathways and balance the body. In addition, to Qigong, participants learn a wellness framework to cultivate emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

This program can be delivered in 1 - 3 workshop meetings. Contact us about bringing it to a group in your community.

Life In 4-Part Harmony™ Retreat for Women

Daughters Of

Africa Retreat™

We are the daughters of Africa. We practice Maat: Truth, Order, Balance & Reciprocity. Like the Sankofa bird, we look to our past so that we can be our best today and everyday.” ~ Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis


In the early 1800’s Maria Stewart, a free woman and an abolitionist called upon Black women, the “daughters of Africa” to cultivate themselves, be leaders and to build a legacy for future generations. She believed in the power of women to make the world better and create lasting change. Whether we are mothers, daughters, community leaders, spouses, sisters, aunts, godmothers, we are destined to make the world better by being our best self. Unfortunately, the ups and downs of our daily lives can leave us feeling stuck, numb and weary.

Take time away from daily stresses and demands that have left you drained and out of touch with your vision for your best life. This unique program offers a sacred, nurturing space for Black women to recharge and address the unique issues that we face. Put your personal energy to work and create the life that you want to live. Unleash your natural resources with movement, meditation, mindset shifting, and the power of community. Use this program to plug in to the power of you.


The program is offered in half-day and full day formats. Participants will:

  • Examine Black women’s unique stress management needs

  • Identify self-care needs and strategies that address personal needs and unique needs associated with Black women’s experiences

  • Explore values that support personal growth and fulfillment

  • Define strategies for transforming challenges into opportunities

  • Identify mindset strategies that cultivating self-efficacy, agency, and self-determination

  • Create a follow-through process to support goal achievement

  • Explore sources of inspiration and motivation for daily life & activities

​Put the power of this Personal Energy System to work for you. You will learn a combination of ancient wisdom and evidence-based strategies that you can use it to support your personal growth and wellness. We explore Truth, Order, Balance, and Reciprocity as well as how aligning these principles can support harmony, flow and direction in your daily life. We examine how practicing each principle supports your current goals and needs. Our goal is to support the highest quality of life for our clients:


The program is offered in half-day and full day formats. Participants will:

  • Identify strategies for recharging physical energy

  • Ignite sources of meaning and fulfillment

  • Clarify key goals

  • Explore strategies for energy management

  • Delve into the power of gratitude

I Know Me Yoga

Enrichment for Children & Youth

Created by: Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis, Certified in Hot Hatha & Kemetic Yoga


Program Aim:

Yoga, a science of self-realization, is employed as a process to support self- development. Through a series of stories and games, children are instructed in techniques such as deep breathing exercises and yoga postures. These yogic techniques enhance physical and mental development including flexibility, increased lung capacity, balance, focus, and self-awareness.


In addition, the program increases children’s knowledge of the African roots of yoga and philosophies that foster inner harmony. Specifically, children learn to use the principles Truth, Order, Balance and Reciprocity as a foundation for inner harmony and compassion for others.


Program Objectives:

  1. Improve motor skills and physical fitness including flexibility, balance, lung capacity and posture.

  2. Promote emotional growth and development by enhancing awareness of sensory and emotional experiences.

  3. Build social skills through working in small groups and pairs activities that require cooperation among children.

  4. Encourage creativity through stories that support yoga practice.

  5. Increase self-awareness through exploration of senses, feelings, thoughts, behavior, and knowledge of strengths and challenges.

  6. Promote self-confidence and self-appreciation through awareness, creativity and recognition of personal growth.

This program can be implemented with or without the inclusion of yoga postures. Participants learn meditation and mindfulness practices.

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