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The Living Source

Coaching and Consultation Programs


Women often feel that balance is playing hard to get. Every time we get close to balance, it seems to slip away. We are active, care-giving, career-building visionaries on a mission to have impact in the world and create lives that we love. We get up early & we go to bed late. Even though we’ve gotten good at time management, it often feels like the clock is winning. Even when we have time, we’re often not showing up as our best self.

We’re falling asleep at our computer. We’re multitasking, trying to talk on the phone and answer email at the same time. On the extreme end, we’re collapse from exhaustion and begin to doubt our dreams and goals.

Many business mentors, leadership trainers and researchers say the latest energy crisis is a personal energy crisis.  We’re very good at charging our phones. In fact, our phones will tell us they’re going into low power mode. We’re not so good at revitalizing and recharging ourselves throughout our day.

The magical thing is that we have everything we need to build and sustain energy – our mind, our body, and our spirit. We are literally a living source of energy. And we need every kind of energy - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

The Living Source, founded by Dr. Sandra Lewis, is a place where you can recharge and find resources to be your best you. Our coaching and consultation program, Energy ElevateHer™  is designed for women changemakers determined to make an impact in their business and career without compromising their well-being.


Dr. Sandra's, Life In 4-Part Harmony™ is a feminine-powered, personal energy management, purpose clarity and confidence building system. It combines evidence-based science with ancient wisdom science to help you protect yourself from burnout, ignite the power of your purpose, organize and achieve your goals, manage your personal energy resources, and create a unique legacy.

If you're ready to put an end to days that leave you feeling drained, in a fog, or overwhelmed, then you've found a great partner for your well-being.


If you're ready to stop waking up full of anxiety about your day, then keep reading, we've got a range of services to support you.


If you're ready to end your day feeling satisfied and peaceful about your accomplishments, take action and schedule your free consultation.

Personalized Programs

VIP Program

Created Just For You


  • Programs can focus on:

    • Personal energy management

    • Effectiveness and productivity while navigating multiple roles and responsibilities

    • Purpose and mission clarity to elevate motivation and create success your way

    • Stress management and daily wellness

    • Mindset shifting to transform self-doubt into confidence and self-compassion

    • Enhancing your emotional intelligence

    • Behavior change to get unstuck and support goal/project achievement.


  • Walk away with a personalized process to support one or more of the following:

    • Strategies to maintain gains achieved during the VIP program

    • Practices that fit into your current lifestyle and help you sustain your daily flow of energy, creativity, and focus

    • Guidelines for prioritizing your energy to achieve specific goals

    • Clarity about your purpose and values as well as a plan for applying them to increase your passion, motivation, and satisfaction each day.


  • Pre-session preparation

    • Personal Energy Audit

    • Personalized assignments and action steps

  • The VIP Half- Day format:

    • Pre-session preparation

    • Half-day (3.5 hours) meeting

    • Written Summary and Acton Step guide

    • Follow-up email at 2 - 3 weeks

  • The VIP Full day format

    • Pre-session preparation

    • Full day (7 hours) meeting. This can be divided into 2 half day meetings

    • Written Summary and Action Step guide

    • Follow-up email at 2 - 3 weeks

Energy ElevateHer™
Individual Coaching Program


  • This program provides an opportunity for individualized consultation. Clients explore and apply strategies to recover from burnout, anxiety, self-doubt and/or feeling overwhelmed. The program is designed to transform challenges into energy, for purpose-driven success and confident leadership

  • Clients can use this program to:

    • Get centered in their purpose and the values that motivate them

    • Identify the core purpose and values that unite all areas of their life

    • Craft a daily routine that supports energy management

    • Clarify and transform limiting beliefs

    • Enhance their focus and engagement with daily tasks

    • Manage stress and cultivate their emotional wisdom

    • Navigate multiple roles and responsibilities with greater ease

    • Create success that feels right for them and make a purpose-driven impact in their career

    • Amplify their sense of fulfillment and meaning

    • Expand their impact and make the difference they feel called to create


  • Coaching/consultation sessions held via video conference twice each month.

  • In between sessions, reflection and integration activities are provided for ongoing support from Dr. Sandra.

  • Follow-up call 2 - 3 weeks post-program

  • Individual coaching can begin as a 3 or 6-month program and be extended for 3 month periods based upon individual needs. We work together to create a process that's right for you.

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