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For those times when you're  feeling rest-broken

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Welcome to your resources for 

Rested & Ready to Rock

Simply Powerful Stress Relief ~ Rest

This video was recoreded live during Stress Awareness Month 2023. It includes a short description of Yoga Nidra, sometimes referred to as non-sleep deep rest, that begins around 6:39. During your first session with this video, be sure to listen to this description before beginning the practice. There's a 10-ish minute Yoga Nidra practice that begins around 9:09.  

3 - Minute Breathing Space

This video was recoreded live. It includes a short mindfulness breathing and body scan practice. Research shows that these practices help to reduce stress and increase our self-awareness so that we are less likely to spiral into an unsettled, "rest-broken" state. 

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