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Welcome to our "Self-Care Wisdom" video series recorded live. Overwhelming emotions, worry and ongoing uncertainty reinforce the need for self-care as a lifestyle. We need practices that easily fit into our lives, that feel a part of who we are and how we move in the world.

This 4-Part series offers some simple tools for shifting out of stress into calm, enhancing your emotional intelligence and ending the self-limiting cycle of people pleasing or playing small.

You'll get several strategies that help you change patterns and habits that drain you. Take some time prioritize your needs, energy and effectiveness.

Part 1

3 Little Strategies for Big Stress Relief

Part 2

Make Your Worries

Work for You & Reclaim

Your Peace of Mind

Part 3

How to Make Friends

with Your Emotions

Part 4

Ups and Downs of People Pleasing and Playing Small

You've come to the end of the 4-Part series. How are you feeling about your self-care?

  • Do you have a clear idea about simple practices that put ease into your day?

  • Can you see a pathway out of limiting habits and patterns?

  • Are you feeling that you can make friends with your emotions?

  • Are you feeling like you can feel good about giving yourself a break?

If you said, "No", to any of these questions, you don't have to struggle. Dr. Sandra is available to support you. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation at this link.

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