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Transform Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Anxiety into
Energy & Purpose-Driven Success

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Are you feeling exhausted? Dealing with brain fog and emotional overload? Go from exhausted to energized with 6 simple strategies. Reclaim your well-being & increase your personal power.

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Recharge Your Batteries

I used to associate being “in the red” with being over budget, not having enough funds to manage demands. Thanks to smarty-pants phones, I also associate this phrase with my phone. It’s a loud and clear message that “I’m going to quit you, if you don’t plug me in”. It even warns me, “low battery”.

Some devices offer battery stretch or low power mode.

But I really do not like seeing these messages on my phone. In fact, they leave me feeling a bit delinquent, like I haven’t properly attended to my phone’s energy needs.

You can probably understand this feeling, if you grew up with a mother like mine. She taught me, “Never go to bed with less than ¼ tank of gas in your car”. This strategy was a part of her readiness approach to life. Simply put, organize your life so that you are ready, able to respond when called.

I know some say, it’s better to let your phone’s battery go to the lowest point before recharging it. Apparently, this aids battery efficiency. That’s fine. But when it's in the red, I don’t like it.

I don’t like it when I feel low on energy either. If I wait until I’m in the red, I’m probably sick. Since we don’t have red lights or low battery messages flashing on our forehead, we need other ways of getting this information.

Sometimes it’s that, “I think I might be coming down with something feeling”. Other times, it’s an ache in our lower back or we feel drained or even numb. Maybe your neck or shoulders feel tense. Just like our cell phone, we need to plug in and recharge our energy. Downtime is in order.

Just like our phones, we’re energy networks. Our eyes, ears and skin are picking up signals from the world around us. We’ve got neurons sending signals to each other. We soak up sunlight and get an infusion of Vitamin D. My teacher, Dr. Nan Lu is a master acupuncturist and scholar of Chinese medicine. He describes our internal energy system as our “inner-net”.

We use energy to power us. We need to find ways to keep it flowing smoothly. Here are a few strategies that can help recharge your batteries.

  1. Take a digital detox day or a few days. Step away from email, phones, social media, etc. All the bells and whistles can be over stimulating. We get in the mode of responding to one thing after another or several things at once. This is also a good practice for the 30-45 minutes before going to bed. Turn off the stimulation and prepare for rest. We need some time to defragment, re-boot, and reorganize ourselves.

  2. Take a walk in nature. My godsister calls these Wood Baths.

They’re like bubble baths except with trees and nature. They surround us with things that show us how much beauty and possibility exists in our world. We get to slow our pace, collect some oxygen from the trees and breath in calmness. The stillness helps us find our own stillness. My goddaughter says nature walks and sitting with the trees help her put things into perspective. She feels like she’s getting a big ol’ hug from nature. You know the kind, your grandma used to give you. Time stood still when you were being squeezed in her loving arms. These activities remind us that there’s a rhythm to everything. We will make the perfect move at the perfect time.

  1. Meditate daily. Yes, daily. If you don’t have 20 minutes, take several 2-3 minute breaks 7 times a day. Here’s what’s fascinating. When we slow down, we can move more efficiently. But here’s a big bonus, if you need one. Meditation changes your cells. Your body gets healthier and you get sharper. It’s virtually brain food. Energize your brain with meditation. And here’s one of the ways your smarty-pants phone can be an ally. Get a meditation app or play some soothing music or sounds on your phone. Breathe deeply and simply repeat I am peaceful and calm.

  2. Practice listening to your body. Notice how the tension or ache begins. What’s happening when it shows? Ask that tension in your body, how you can ease it? Do you need to plug-in? Get to know how your body signals that it’s time to recharge.

  1. Notice your thoughts. When your energy drops or your body aches, what’s on your mind? What thoughts are sending you down that slippery slope toward energy drain? Perhaps, your thoughts are reminding you of an issue that you need to address. If so, make a plan to address it. This simple act of creating your roadmap can help you feel a sense of relief and freedom to move forward.

  2. Dance. Often. Get into your groove. Nobody is watching. Let the music move you. Feel the freedom and joy of it. Release your tension with every beat. Feel good. Let joy and laughter be your super powers.

By now your juices are flowing. You’re thinking about your natural energy sources, like trees, thoughts, and breathing. No equipment needed. Just plug-in.

Join our supportive Facebook community, REVIVAL: A Place For Women To Restore, Revive & Recharge. I’m there to support you, your purpose, your gratitude practice and much more.

We’re nurturing our bodies (Body Love), clearing and centering our minds (Mind Matters), tuning in to our emotional wealth (Feeling Right) and getting inspired to shine our purpose like a spotlight (Spirit Lifted). Our mission is the uplift women who elevate their purpose to transform their lives and the world. Fulfilling your purpose takes energy. The Living Source is here to help you build and sustain the energy to be who you came to the world to be.

Get a copy of our free EBook, “Plug In To The Power Of You”. The EBook will get you moving with a checklist to take your energy pulse and some strategies to add to your self-care, productivity, and fulfillment playlist.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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