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Three Words to Make This a Great Year

What came to mind when you read that title? I love you. You are perfect. You’re the best. More than likely, you thought of some words or phrases that would leave you feeling good and energized for the year ahead. You’re on the right track.

It’s a new year and we’re ready to “get new”. The first thing this year offers is an opportunity to transform into a better version of us.

Last year was a great companion and teacher. We’ve learned a few things. We had some ups and downs, some losses and some gains. We look back to move forward with new resolve. We’re leaving some things behind and taking the gifts with us. Indeed, the things we chose to leave behind helped us clarify our vision for moving forward.

Many of us will set specific goals for things that we want to do, accomplish, or become. We’ll need a range of resources to get to our destination. People. Skills. Talents. Assets. Mindsets. Vision. Rest. Recovery. Confidence. Determination. Insight. Breath.

Yes. We will need energy that powers our body, mind and spirit to navigate the journey. Experience tells us to be prepared.

For the past few years, I made a practice of choosing 3 words to guide me throughout the year. The words are like friends that provide support along the way. I use them to build, sustain and replenish my energy. Yes, I use them to propel my physical vitality. But I also need my thoughts and emotions working for me. I need to fill my spirit, find meaning and joy as I work on my goals.

I find that one of the most important things about my words is that they improve my ability to feel the way I want to feel each day. Of course, I expect each day to offer experiences that might arouse a range of emotions. But no matter what happens, I want to remember that the goals I set are a part of a much bigger picture. I want to stay centered in my faith in my purpose and be at peace as I make my life journey.

One year, "ease" was one of my words. It was perfect for cultivating balance. I used it to take the tension out of pursuing my goals. It was my reminder to breathe, trust, move with vision and stay connected to my purpose. For me, ease was both a practice and an emotional state. I created more reasonable timelines. I became more attuned to my body’s signals for rest. I looked for options that would open space for me to renew and recover. I put more white space in my calendar. I grew more comfortable with baby steps.

Whenever I felt uneasy, I asked myself, “What do I need to feel at ease in this moment?” Most times a mindset shift brought the perspective necessary to create comfort and ease. Once I’m at peace, I’m so much better at moving a project forward.

So, as you can see the words are tools for building all the different types of energy. Practicing ease helped me nurture my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. I ordered my time for better physical recovery. I used my emotional wisdom and mindset to transform challenges into positive changes. My sense of purpose and meaning continued to grow and ground me.

Now, it’s your turn. Here are a few guidelines for choosing your three words:

  1. Think about what you will need to accomplish the goals that you’ve set for the year. I recently learned that Chris Brogan, a business coach/trainer, recommends choosing 3 words rather than 1 or 2. He says that it encourages us to think about our lives from many dimensions. Choosing 3 words expands our vision. It encourages us to look at the big picture as well as the pieces that create the picture. Personally, I find that the synergy, rhythm and flow among the three words are also sources of energy. There's a chemistry that stirs my heart and soul. ​​

  2. Choose single words that will serve as your guides, your helpers. The words are triggers for a resource that you’ll need. The words help you take action. If you want to improve your fitness or lose 10 pounds, words like health or strength or longevity might remind you to make better food choices, incorporate movement into your day, and sleep well.

  1. Write a short statement about how each word will help you achieve your goals. Expand the words to other areas of your life. This will also encourage you to see how your goal is relevant to your whole life. Health is a word that’s important for your physical energy and well-being but it’s also important in the various roles that you play. When you’re healthy, you’re a better parent, partner, friend, co-worker, volunteer, etc. When you’re physically healthy, your mental and emotional well-being also get a boost.

  2. You can create affirmations using your words and say them each morning and evening. Business coach, Marty Marsh recommends journaling about your words each day. You can also use the words and/or affirmations during difficult times. A word like health is a good reminder to monitor and manage your stress levels.

Have fun choosing your words. Remember these are your friends. They’re ready to serve and support you. They only want the best for you.

We’ve been working on our words in our Facebook community. Please feel free to join us in REVIVAL: Energy Recovery Room for Women Who Take Care of Everything Every Day. We’re nurturing our bodies (Body Love), clearing and centering our minds (Mind Matters), tuning in to our emotional wealth (Feeling Right) and getting inspired to shine our purpose like a spotlight (Spirit Lifted). I’m there to support you.

The Living Source’s mission is to uplift women as leaders, creators, and changemakers who energize their heart and souls to power harmony and compassion in our world. An energized heart and soul are essential for fulfilling your unique life purpose.

We’re here to help you build and sustain the energy to be who you came to the world to be. The world needs the gifts, ideas, and talents that only you can bring.

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