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Transform Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Anxiety into
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Are you feeling exhausted? Dealing with brain fog and emotional overload? Go from exhausted to energized with 6 simple strategies. Reclaim your well-being & increase your personal power.

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Use Your Laser Beam Focus

These last few weeks, I’ve had an opportunity to do yoga with a group of girls who are energetic and full of wonder. We explored how yoga connects us to our Truth, helps us find Order and teaches us the key elements of Balance. This week, we examine Reciprocity through yoga.

Like most of us, the girls found Balance was a challenging principle to put into action in yoga and in our everyday lives. Yet, most of us have an intense desire for balance.

Sometimes we get lulled into the idea that it means doing 50% living and 50% working. I know you’ve seen articles or heard your friends talk about work-life balance. For most of us this is not a good mix.

Balance seems so elusive and simultaneously so seductive. Some might even call balance a tease.

Here are a few strategies that I think can help you cultivate a satisfying romance with balance.

  1. Identify your resources. That’s anything that helps you. Yes, money and love and water and cookies and chocolate. But remember those invisible resources like thoughts and feelings.

  2. Make a list of the things that helped you get to work or get a project finished.

~~The girls listed all the things they used to help them get to camp.

~~This included their alarm, toothbrush, toothpaste, car, moms, dads, aunties, paper, food, clothes, patience, good attitude, looking forward to an activity, and the list goes on.

~~This list will be a great reminder of just how much capital of all kinds you have.

  1. Remember a time when you were anxious, nervous or overwhelmed. Make a list of the resources you used to get through that time.

~~The girls talked about changing their thoughts, looking for something positive to shift their focus, and putting their mind on an affirmation or positive thought.

~~What resources did you use to get to a better place? I know there were probably some people who helped you. But what treasures did you find inside yourself?

  1. Use your resources wisely.

~~Notice when you are overthinking. Slow down you thoughts and put your mind to better use. Your thoughts are powerful tools. ~~Recognize when you have too much or too little of the resources that you need.

~~Use your emotions to support your journey. No matter how uncomfortable thwy may be, remember that your emotions are a signal. It may be time to stop and plot a new course.

~~Ask for help. You’ve got people who want to help you. If you’re spiritually inclined, maybe you’ve got your own toll-free line, like 1-800-GOD-HELP. Dial up!

  1. Put your focus where it’s most needed.

~~Decide on your goal.

~~Recognize the resources you need to complete it.

~~Use your resources to the fullest extent.

~~Realize you may have to shift between resources. Know when it’s time to make a switch.

Use your laser beam focus. Put your attention on the resources you need. Bring your life into balance. Bring balance into your life.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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