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Can't Nobody Do It Like You

Many years ago there was a soda ad that labeled the drink, “The Real Thing”. It’s a great line. It appeals to our desire for authenticity and quality. The real thing says there’s only one. There’s nothing like it.

Deepak Chopra says, “There are no spare parts in the Universe”. He’s referring to the idea that every person has a purpose to fulfill on earth. It’s another way of saying that we are all “the real thing” and the whole world needs us. Our gifts, talents, and purpose are unique enough that nobody else can add what we add to the world. Can’t nobody do it like you! That’s truth.

Each of us has some special gift, talent, mission, or skill that’s exclusive to us. We have a purpose that only we can fulfill.

The world needs us to be who we came to be so that all beings can benefit from the good we bring to the world. That’s reciprocity.

The Yoruba sacred text says that to create good in our world, we need love of doing good for all people, especially those in need & those who seek assistance from us. We need eagerness to increase good in the world and not let any good at all be lost. Like that old coffee ad, make it “good to the last drop”.

Fast Company says there’s a new generation of businesses & entrepreneurs who are getting in on doing good. They are more active in “giving back” and investing in a better world. It’s called ethonomics. It’s ethical + economics. This is the new breed of businesses that create social change, sustainability, and revitalization. They are good for the world. They are rockin’ reciprocity.

So, here’s the question, how is the world better because you are here? How are you investing your talents to build a better world? What makes you a reciprocity warrior?

Here are a few ideas for sharing your good stuff:

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen and while you’re there make a point of sitting with someone and learning at least 3 things you have in common.

  • Teach someone to read.

  • Support a scholarship fund.

  • Find out if your employer has a community service program and get involved in a program that appeals to you.

  • Collect and donate books to schools and libraries.

  • Share your skills and talents with local community organizations.

  • Support programs that create sustainable and affordable housing.

  • Help rebuild a community after a natural disaster. While there, get to know the community members and the ways their culture enhances the world.

  • Mentor someone getting started in your discipline or field of study.

  • Donate to a non-profit agency that’s doing work to address social issues, like poverty, homelessness, or poor access to health care.

  • Develop and offer a service that helps to alleviate health disparities or builds everyday wellness.

  • Share inspirational messages with your co-workers.

  • Write the memoir, self-help book or poem you've been promising you'd share with the world.

The list of ways to make our world better is really endless. What’s most important is that you find what fits for you. When we invest our talents and fulfill our purpose, we get a better world. That’s reciprocity.

The good you do can be small or large scale but it all counts. The good work we do has an infinite lifetime. It’s our legacy.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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