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Power On & Power Up

Over the past couple of weeks two ideas have taken center stage. They are energy and beliefs. Actually, these ideas are a part of my mental landscape. My Mama’s regular biblical guidance was, “As a man thinks so is he” and “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. My teacher, a Taoist, Qigong Master, Nan Lu, talks about them in just about every class.

And God knows, I love a book. is a personal friend of mine so I’ve got a few books on these subjects. But here’s what’s been happening.

Oprah has a 7 night series on Beliefs that begins on October 17. I can’t wait! She’s been posting short video clips on Facebook about beliefs and energy. She’s connecting quantum physics with spirituality and beliefs and Miss Celie from The Color Purple. Ah huh. Yep, they’re all connected.

My Taoist teacher has a new book called Digesting The Universe where he discusses the intricacies of life force energy and metabolic function. I know it sounds complicated and not at all digestible. For sure the book includes some natural law medicine and maybe a little physics. But the short of it is that it’s all about healing and how to use basic principles to balance your body so that it functions at its tip, top best. In case you’re wondering, yes, there is some weight loss info.

But get this. He says there’s a shortcut. Lord, YES!!! He’s giving us the GPS re-route around the traffic jam. The shortcut is changing your beliefs.

In fact, when I saw Oprah’s clip on beliefs and the one on energy, I thought she’d been listening to one of Master Lu’s lectures. It’s an interesting experience when popular media meets your real life. It’s like déjà vu on steroids.

Then, I got an email from Hay House about a free video series with Mike Dooley on how to create the life you want. You may have heard of him. Okay, maybe if you’re kinda woo-woo or new agey like me. Or if just maybe you had a dream you wanted to come true, you may have heard of him. He was in that famous video, The Secret and became well known for saying “thoughts become things”.

Once you think a thing, it’s real, no matter whether or not you can see it right away. Thoughts are invisible frequency patterns stimulating neural pathways in your brain. At the deepest level of our mind, our beliefs are determining our every move. Beliefs are like templates and guidebooks for our lives.

Beliefs are like little waffle irons pressing out our mental conversations and our feelings and our behaviors. Some folks make square waffles. Others make round ones. Still others make waffles that look like Mickey Mouse. It’s easy to see how changing your waffle iron can change your life.

So, what’s my take away from the dance that beliefs and energy have been doing on center stage? Well, one thing for sure, once again I realized that my Mama is always right. Her goal was to rear spiritually grounded children who understand the power of God within and around them. Not only did she do that but she gave me the secret to create my best life.

Though it’s not really a secret, like something you try to hide. It’s the magic kind of secret, like an ingredient that makes all the difference in your outcome. The bible, Taoism, physics and so many other traditions, philosophies, or epistemologies (just a fancy way of saying this is how we figure things out) agree about the power of our beliefs. It’s natural order. Before we see it, we think it.

Truth is, our beliefs and the thoughts and feelings they generate are energy sources. They can energize our dreams. They get things moving. We have to decide to choose the beliefs that move us closer and closer to our best life. Using our resources wisely is one of the best ways to practice balance.

Power on your natural resources and power up your dreams. ENERGIZE!

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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