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Transform Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Anxiety into
Energy & Purpose-Driven Success

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Are you feeling exhausted? Dealing with brain fog and emotional overload? Go from exhausted to energized with 6 simple strategies. Reclaim your well-being & increase your personal power.

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Spring Into Change, Bounce, Roll Out Your Goals ~ Part 2

My Mama, elders and elementary school poems all spoke of the March winds that mark the important shift into spring. Wind is a force of nature and it brings change. Are you ready to change?

Nature is showing us how to get moving. Seeds are spreading and settling into fertile ground. It’s all part of an intricate and consistent cycle of growth.

My friends who garden are buying seeds and trading secrets about the best planting times and fertilizers. Spring is a good time to think about our goals and make sure they’re getting the right fertilizer.

Our mind is the ground where our ideas take shape and grow.

It’s our soil and we need to keep it fertile, full of nutrients, the energy to grow our goals.

We may need to soften the ground that turned cold and hard during winter. Or clear some rocks so our seeds land, take root and thrive.

Below are some strategies for clearing and tilling your mind soil. Use them to energize you toward your goals.

Mindset Shift

How are you progressing on the goals you set for growth in your business or career? Are you being SMART about your goals? Did you get off track since you made those New Year resolutions? Are you procrastinating? Take a walk around your thoughts and feelings. Identify what’s helping you move your work forward. Identify what’s getting in the way. I’ve heard many entrepreneurs, yours truly included, talk about holding back because of fear of getting too much attention or fear the increased business would be too much to handle. Except, more attention and business are also exactly what we want.

Sometimes we have assumptions or beliefs that help us hold ourselves back. We’re worried our product or service launch or our proposal is going to be just like our 8th grade Science Fair Project that went horribly wrong and everyone laughed.

We create assumptions based on the scary, uncomfortable, just plain bad feelings associated with our difficult experiences. The bad experience sometimes becomes what psychologists call “one trial learning”.

We need a shift to unstick us from our bad memories. The truth is that we have many experiences where our projects, proposals and performances went well. We navigate and succeed at numerous things everyday.

Now is the time to remind yourself that you have what it takes. You do know how to get things done and use what you learn to make them even better.

If you’re feeling nervous about walking on stage or assuming you will have a repeat 8th grade experience, you can start small. In Immunity to Change: How To Overcome It And Unlock The Potential In Yourself And Your Organization, Kegan and Lahey recommend starting with a test.

Get your Mastermind Group, friends, family, accountability partners, and colleagues to check out your ideas and give you feedback before your big launch. These are people who love and believe in you. They will give you feedback that you can use to make improvements. The test will help you put your assumption to rest.

You’ll feel more confident in your launch. Remember, even if the launch isn’t everything you want it to be, consider it useful input.

Everything is data. Everything is good. Everything makes us better. So start. Shift your mindset into forward. Go for it. Now is your perfect time.

We’ve been working on our goals in our Facebook community. Please feel free to join us in REVIVAL: A Place for Women To Restore, Revive, and Recharge. We’re nurturing our bodies (Body Love), clearing and centering our minds (Mind Matters), tuning in to our emotional wealth (Feeling Right) and getting inspired to shine our purpose like a spotlight (Spirit Lifted). I’m there to support you.

The Living Source’s mission is to uplift women who elevate their purpose to transform their lives and the world. Fulfilling your purpose takes energy. We’re here to help you build and sustain the energy to be who you came to the world to be.

Get a copy of our free EBook, “Plug In To The Power Of You”. The EBook will get you moving with a checklist to take your energy pulse and some strategies to add to your self-care, productivity, and fulfillment playlist.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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