• Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis

Circles Full of Women & Baskets Full Of Dreams

October got off to a powerful start. It opened with a theme that is near and dear to my heart and soul: Women make magic everyday.

I’ve been in several women’s circles this month. Entrepreneurs. Bloggers. Healers. Meditators. Dreamers. Innovators. Doers. Storytellers. Hard-working visionaries. Women sharing their dreams, supporting each other, asking for feedback, growing, healing and creating change.

I’ll close out this month celebrating one of the women that I love most, my 85 year-old godmother. She’s marking 40 years as a priestess of Oshun, a deity of sweetness, sensuality, wealth, and gender equity activism.

My godmother has been a spiritual counselor and mentor to countless people. About two years ago, she decided she’d go to college and get an associate’s degree. Yeah, she embraces growth.

I’m a graduate of Spelman College, an all women's HBCU. So, I’m intimate with the power of women and women’s networks. At Spelman, I found a new level of confidence and sense of self. My circle of sisters was a source of affirmation and strength. They reflected the best in me.

This month various circles of women provided me with space to grow and pursue my dreams. ​​

So, I’m sharing the gifts with you:

  • Giving and receiving are a team – I had an opportunity to support 5 women in releasing an over-worn mental script and they did the same for me. I discovered at one time or another, I’d had the same broken record playing in my head as women I was supporting. You know those old demons seem to show up when you least expect them. Fears, doubts or hurts you thought were gone will pop up. While helping other women, I enriched my peace of mind and showed my old demons to the Rest Home For Over-Worked Thoughts.

  • Ask for help – Yes. This one can be difficult for some of us. I know. Maybe we don’t want to be burden or appear incompetent. But this month, I was reminded that there are so many people who would love to help us if we just give them a chance. Somebody will be your accountability partner. You can help each other.

  • Commit to you – Take a look around your accomplishments, your personal growth. You’ve made some changes and they deserve to be nurtured. You’ve put some demons to rest and claimed some emotional freedom. Identify one thing you will do to maintain and nurture your personal growth. Make it something that you will do every day.

I believe very deeply in the power of women. Make sure to use your power circles. Connect with your A-Team regularly. Nurture each other. Give. Take. Grow. Change. Create.

If you need support, contact us. The Living Source is here to help you plug in to the power of you.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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