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Transform Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Anxiety into
Energy & Purpose-Driven Success

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Are you feeling exhausted? Dealing with brain fog and emotional overload? Go from exhausted to energized with 6 simple strategies. Reclaim your well-being & increase your personal power.

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Too Busy Or Not Too Busy?

I’m sure you know people who are always busy. In fact, you may be one of the busy people. Do your friends often say, “You’re always so busy”?

A few years ago, I met some women who did not check their email everyday. At the time, I couldn’t understand such a choice.

I attempted to keep my eyes from bulging out of my head as I wondered, “How can they get anything done?”

After my first digital detox, I realized the value of time away from the digital stream of information. I realized the women that I’d met had a different pace and a different focus.

They did not need to be or opt to be busy every minute of every day. They needed to order their lives so they could complete their work, feel fulfilled, and care for themselves and their families. They were focused on energy management and productivity, not on being busy.

Juxtapose them with women who feel guilty about taking a break. If they sit down or stop, they don’t feel productive. They eat on the run, while getting dressed, in the car. They’re always rushing.

I’ve also noticed that some people don’t stop because their to do list still has items on it. As long as there’s work to do, they think that they should keep moving. They feel guilty if everything isn’t finished in a day.

Two sayings come to mind:

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • Even God took a break (during the process of creation).

Recently, I read an article about four reasons that work can wait. The writer interviewed Mercedes DeLuca, COO of Basecamp. This company offers project management software. They’re in the business of helping us get things done.

Their company philosophy takes a more humane approach to work. In short, they support a 40-hour week focused on meaningful work. Engage in tasks that are fulfilling and advance key goals.

If you’re busy all the time, check in with yourself. Answer these questions.

  • Are the projects I’m doing meaningful for my short and long-term goals? In order to be productive, our activities need to help us get where we’re going. Some tasks are necessary but others can wait. Think about how your activities are moving your closer to your goals.

  • Am I keeping busy to avoid something else? Staying busy is one of the ways that we procrastinate. Consider whether or not you’re extending your to do list in order to avoid some difficult task or conversation or confrontation.

  • Where do rest and renewal fit in my big picture? We all have goals. And we are the main ingredient, the common denominator in transforming our goals into our reality. Transformation takes energy. Think about how you fit self-care and personal development into your plans.

If you need support, contact us. The Living Source is here to help you plug in to the power of you.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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