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  • Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis

Live In The Glow of YoUniversal Magnificence

I think it’s safe to say that my secret is out. I believe in the power of YOU. Each person has a unique purpose, some special sauce, a magical power that they alone possess. And if that’s not magnificent enough, add this to it – The whole world needs your magical, special sauce power. That’s the TRUTH!

During the summer, I spend 5 weeks as Co-Director of GrassROOTS Community Foundation Super Camp. Yep, I spend 5 weeks with girls age 6 – 12. It’s a swirling, whirling wonder of a time. We explore history, especially women’s history. We dance. We discover African culture. We “rock the mike” with poetic expression. We dance.

We research our family legacies. We cry. We fill ourselves with wonder. We dance. We share good food and take a sugar pledge. We play.

We question. We sing and dance. We create games.

And of course, we live and learn the principles of Maat: Truth, Order, Balance and Reciprocity. And then we dance some more.


As a part of living Truth, every girl along with her parents/caregivers describes her talents, gifts, and character traits. Then, I get to have BIG FUN with the girls as they turn their list into a SuperStar Shero. They create a character based on who they are, their Truth. Each girl must give her character a name that reflects all the good stuff she shares with the world. This character is their creator (the Super Camper) as a SuperStar Shero.

Let’s meet some SuperStar Sheroes!

Meet “Flutter Shine”.

She emerged from the heart and mind of a 9 year-old who describes herself as funny, playful and helpful. She got a little help with drawing Flutter Shine’s body from a big sister Super Camper who’s a talented artist. However, she designed and added the clothing.

This 9 year-old, wonderful one says her playfulness helps others find happiness. When people are sad, she uses her helpfulness to lead them to brightness.

Butterflies inspired “Flutter” because their wings dance with excitement as they open and close. The wings represent opening while “Shine” represents brightness.

Check out Flutter Shine in all of her YoUniversal Magnificence. Go ahead and let her open you to brightness.

Meet “Shooting Star”.

Her symbol is a heart bursting with stars. Why? Because this 10 year-old Super Camper is a talented dancer who uses movement to inspire and motivate others.

I asked her how do we know when we’re motivated? She thought. I probed, where do motivation and inspiration happen inside us? Where do people feel it in their bodies?

She clutched her chest indicating, “in their heart”. This SuperStar Shero says that the heart literally feels like it’s bursting with stars when we’re motivated and inspired. She created a logo for Shooting Star and projected it onto a night sky among all the other stars.

Can you see the brilliance? Do you feel it? Are you bursting with excitement about your infinite possibilities?

What's your Truth? Are you helpful? Playful? Inspirational? Can you motivate others?

Do you flutter and shine? Do you bring brightness into other’s lives? Can you get us to open up and experience more?

Do you dance into our hearts? And make us feel the power within us? Can you get us to dance to the rhythm of a heart filled with purpose & passion?

Leave an inspiring comment about your Truth below. Tell us your SuperStar Shero or Hero name. Share your YoUniversal Magnificence.

Visit to learn more about Super Camp & #investingirls.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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