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Energy ~ Get Into Your Winning Spirit ~ Part 3

Last week, I participated in a program called “Taoist Qigong Journey to Heart Harmony”. Like many traditions, Taoists believe in our connection to nature. Each season relates to a body system. Summer is heart season. It’s the perfect time to pump up this energy system. You have nature on your side.


There were two major messages in this program:

Believe in yourself.

The answer is within.


These ideas are perfect for our third segment on how practicing the Life in 4-Part Harmony Balance principle can build and sustain our spiritual energy. The essence of spiritual energy is fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction derived from actualizing our life purpose.

Believing in you is one of the keys to firing, stoking and sustaining fulfillment. Confidence, self-assurance, conviction, and yes, faith are your power tools. This means trusting you’re on the right track even when your project seems slow to come to fruition.

As visionaries and people who like to create, it’s often easy for us to see an end product. The end can be so clear that we get frustrated when we’re not there yet. Yes, some projects evolve quickly. Others take more time.

Faith and patience are essential for your growth and your sanity. This can be challenging in a fast-paced world where messages travel across invisible connections and show up on your phone screen. This pace is great for some things.

But some of our visions require incubation, cultivating, or step-by-step actions. Patience is will save you from the energy draining stress cycle. It will help you see what you’ve done and notice your progress.

Faith will keep you moving toward your dream. Your confidence opens you to possibility. There are probably several avenues that will move you toward your goals. When you’re confident, you can see them. When you’re not confident, it seems there is no way forward.

One of the most powerful ways to Balance is to recognize the resources that lie within. What is it that helps you remain steady when the boat is rocking?

I’m sure you’ve met people who noticed certain qualities about you. They may perceive you as confident or calm or a good leader. These qualities begin within you. You project them to others. Even though we all have concerns or fears, we also have problem-solving abilities and courage.

An important Balance strategy is to dig deep within and find those treasures that keep you moving forward. People around you notice them. Ask yourself, what am I showing them? What is the source of it (i.e., my confidence, courage, leadership ability)?

This week your job is to go on an internal treasure hunt. Look inside. Find where your faith, confidence, courage and patience live. Then pick a strategy to fire them up when you need them. This could be a word, a deep breath, or a mantra. You decide.

Remember the answer is within. Believe in yourself.

If you need support, contact us. The Living Source is here to help you plug in to the power of you.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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