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Transform Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Anxiety into
Energy & Purpose-Driven Success

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Are you feeling exhausted? Dealing with brain fog and emotional overload? Go from exhausted to energized with 6 simple strategies. Reclaim your well-being & increase your personal power.

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Work with Dr. Sandra to elevate your purpose-driven success. Fuel your heart and soul with joy and passion for every part of your life. Feel the way you want to feel as you make your impact and build your legacy.

  • Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis

The Road From An Ordinary to An Extraordinary Life

As a child, I knew that I wanted to work with children, to listen to their troubles, to nurture their dreams, to be a catalyst for their greatness. I think this desire came pre-installed but my Mama reinforced it. She made it her business to help us avoid the mistakes that she believed she’d made. It was clear to me that the generations that follow yours should live an immensely better life. And they should explore the breadth of human potential in ways that build on their predecessors’ accomplishments and perceived failures.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been involved a range of programs for children and youth. I even created a few like, Not Just Child’s Play: Using Your Imagination to Improve Life, Destination Greatness, and I Know Me™ Kemetic Yoga™.

You can probably guess what’s at the heart of each program. Yes, my secret has been out. Thankfully, I’m not shy about it. I believe each one of us has a unique purpose and we are destined to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the world around us.

So, I’ve been particularly moved by an idea that keeps showing up in the personal development books and websites that I read daily. Yes, I walk my talk. Personal development is on my calendar everyday.

Here’s one thing that teachers, coaches and motivational speakers seem to agree about – mediocrity. You know, ordinary, regular, no sprinkles or sparkles, the same old same old. Now, some of us like the same old thing when it comes to a good cup of coffee or maybe even a reliable car. But mediocrity in our life equates to lack of fulfillment.

At Life In 4-Part Harmony, mediocrity means your truth is unfulfilled. Your life is out of order, imbalanced. And the world is not benefitting from your life purpose. Your life is about honoring your greatness, doing good in the world, improving the human condition. Yes, you came to do great things in the world. So I’ve got some questions for you to ponder. The answers will help you with your roadmap to greatness.


  • What work would you absolutely love to do if you had unlimited resources and you could do anything in the world?

  • Example: I would travel the world building schools and making sure all children had access to the best quality education.

I would design wellness programs and teach people how to incorporate wellness into their lives even as their lives and circumstances change.

  • How would you summarize that work or its impact in 1 – 2 words?

  • Examples: Teacher, Thought Leader, Change Agent, Wellness Educator, Genius Catalyst, Liberation Specialist, Freedom Fighter, Healer, Life Designer, Style Simulator, Beauty Cultivator, Earth Worker, Peacemaker, Scientist, Spiritual Scientist, Abundance Educator.


  • What are three missions you would undertake as a _________________ (Insert your 1 – 2 word description here)?

  • Example: As a wellness educator, I would: 1) design programs for business people who travel frequently so that they can maintain physical health, peace of mind and bring their best to the world; 2) create online courses that offer guidance on how to use everyday activities like walking and brushing your teeth to enhance so that every person could access wellness; and 3) design programs for church groups whose members could pool their resources for a better quality program than each individual purchasing a single program.

  • What would you have to believe in order to do the work that you love doing?

  • Examples: I am capable of creating a life I love; There are enough opportunities for all human beings to thrive doing what they love; I can do what I love and be prosperous; My life is meaningful. I am the one who can fulfill my purpose; This is my time.


  • If you had unlimited access to all the resources you needed to fulfill your truth and put your missions in order, what would you need?

  • These can be tangible and intangible resources. Dream BIG. You might need people, faith, time, money, vision, imagination, websites, a good attitude, mentors, plans, etc.

  • All of these resources exist. They are available. Perhaps, asking for help or building a skill or researching people who do similar work is the first step.


  • How would the work you love bring good into the world, increase the value in other’s lives?

  • Examples: My work would improve people’s physical health, peace of mind, and sense of freedom; My work would enhance children’s access to knowledge and create a better future for all beings; or My work would increase our sense of joy and kindness in our everyday lives.

By now your juices are simmering. You’re starting to see that roadmap from the comfort of ordinary to an extraordinary destiny. GO FOR IT! It’s why you are here.

© Sandra Y. Lewis

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